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Background: Law students, recent law graduates, and judicial clerks seeking government internships or post-graduate honors programs are confronted with the time-consuming task of determining what federal, state, or local government departments offer such programs, what specific opportunities are available, and what the application criteria are. Although this information is publicly available, it is dispersed throughout the various governmental departments that offer these programs. What most applicants desire is a single, current, comprehensive source of all the available programs. This reference provides such a compilation.

*  Law students seeking internships seeking federal, state or local legal internships
*  Judicial law clerks and recent graduates who are in LLM programs and seeking a government honors position

*  Comprehensive - lists all major federal, and many state and local programs
*  Current - updated throughout the year for subscribers, and re-issued each August 1st.

The Work: The Government Honors & Internship Handbook, published annually by the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, is a web-based comprehensive listing of federal, state and local legal internships and post-graduation honors programs for law students and attorneys. The handbook lists 165+ programs offered by 55+ federal agencies and departments, and 44 state, county and municipal governments. Updated throughout the year for subscribers, the book provides details about programs, deadlines and desired applicant qualifications, as well as the application and selection process. It describes each employer’s mission and organizational structure, and provides links to employer websites. Also included are deadline tables (arranged alphabetically by agency and by law school class year), Government Service salary schedules, tips for finding housing in Washington DC and other geographic locations, government regulations for hiring non-citizens and information about government background checks.

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