Infectious Begomovirus Clones

Technology #ua03-074

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Judith Brown
Professor, Plant Sciences
Managed By
Tod Mccauley

Technology: Infectious viral clones in the form of plasmid vectors are used in experimental inoculation of plants to identify resistant varieties. The varieties listed below may be purchased from the University of Arizona. List of additional varieties and references for all viruses are available upon request.

Partial list of available varieties:
1. Bean calico mosaic virus
2. Chino del tomate virus
3. Cotton leaf crumple virus (developed with North Carolina State University)
4. Cotton leaf Curl Gezira virus and satellite DNA
5. Cucurbit leaf curl virus-AZ
6. Macroptilium mosaic Puerto Rico virus (MaMPRV)
7. Melon chlorotic leaf curl virus (various 316-317; 322-329)
8. Okra leaf curl & Hollyhock leaf curl viruses and satellite DNAs
9. Pepper golden mosaic virus (Aka: Serrano golden mosaic virus) various 203-208

Investigator: Judith K. Brown, Department of Plant Sciences

Status: Unpatented Biological Materials.

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