Differential Target Antenna Coupling (Dtac) Method for Subsurface Analyses

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Steven Dvorak
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ben Sternberg
Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering
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Differential Target Antenna Coupling (DTAC) Method for Subsurface Analyses


UA developed an electromagnetic geophysical system that has significantly improved subsurface target sensing and imaging capabilities compared to conventional subsurface measurement systems such as ground penetrating radar. The Differential Target Antenna Coupling (DTAC) method in a vertical array provides a number of important advantages over the large-offset horizontal array for some applications.


The vertical array, DTAC method can be adapted to rapidly moving measurements, such as from a helicopter. The DTAC method is not sensitive to the orientation of the measurement system and it is relatively insensitive to variations in the background resistivity. The vertical array, DTAC method is also insensitive to surface clutter, such as fences, steel buildings, and vehicles.


Suitable transmitter moments can be selected for effective study of near-surface targets (civil engineering, water resource, and environmental characterization) as well as deep targets (mining and other natural-resource exploration)

Technology Identification Number: UA10-041


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