Removal of Phosphorus, and Recovery of Gold and Silver From Metallurgical Silicon

Technology #ua11-096

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David Lynch
Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604


This technology is a new technique to synthesis solar silicon ingot. The technique optimizes the removal of phosphorus from silicon and reduces the amount of residual byproducts remaining. Also, the new technique recovers gold and silver from the metallurgical silicon in a simple method.


Large polysilicon rods, usually broken into chunks of specific sizes are packaged in clean rooms before shipment. These chunks are either directly cast into multicrystalline ingots or submitted to a recrystallization process to grow monocrystalline silicon. The resulting ingots are then sliced into thin silicon wafers and used for the production of solar cells, integrated circuits, and other semiconductor devices.


  • Most favorable method of removing Phosphorus from silicon
  • Shorter processing time with less consummation of solute
  • Reduces the amount of residual byproducts remaining in the silicon


  • Photovoltaics market


Lynch. David C.


Bob Sleeper

Licensing Manger, Tech Launch Arizona

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