Producing Silicon From Silica in an Alternative Furnace to That of the Arc Furnace: A New Approach to Purifying Silicon

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David Lynch
Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604


This technology is a new technique of producing silicon from silica in an alternative furnace to the current used arc furnace. With this new technique, the low of solar silicon will dramatically be reduced. Also, the procedure eliminates two primary sources of impurity contamination of the silicon.


Historically, the photovoltaics industry relied on off-spec electronic grade silicon as its primary source of the raw material. As a result of high demands of silicon, the electronics industry not in the business of producing off-specs are at risk of a silicon shortage used for PVs. . These reoccurring shortages for high purity silicon spawns interest by many companies to develop procedures for producing low cost solar grade silicon that is 6-nins pure, not 0-nines purity required by the electronics industry.


  • Solar Market
  • Photovoltaics Market


  • Low cost solar-silicon
  • Eliminates two primary sources of impurity contamination
  • The furnace lining that are both consumed


Lynch. David C.


Bob Sleeper

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona

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