Toughening of Ceramic Composites by the Addition of Graphene Platelets

Technology #ua12-004

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Nikhil Koratkar
Professor & Endowed Chair, Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Eng
Mohammad Rafiee
Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering
Victoria Marotto
Student Group B, Materials Science & Engineering
Luke Walker
Postdoctoral Research Associate II, Materials Science & Engineering
Erica Corral
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Introduction: Ceramic composites provide a lightweight alternative to metal alternatives for various components of high stress systems. These composites tend to have a high temperature tolerance but may lack the toughness required for certain applications. Many techniques have been tested to increase the strength of these ceramics, often resulting in non-practical cost increases.


Technology: The proposed method is the first every to apply graphene platelets to ceramic composites for increased fracture toughness. The toughening mechanism involves crack deflection in three dimensions. This is a novel approach never demonstrated before in this field.



•       Lightweight materials

•       High temperature tolerance

•       Increased stress tolerance



•       Hot turbine engines

•       High end brake discs

•       Nuclear reactor components


Lead Inventor: Erica L. Corral


Licensing Manager:

Bob Sleeper

Refer to case number: UA12-004