Gamma Ray Imaging System for Rapid and Precise Detection of Radioactive Materials From a Distance

Technology #ua12-102

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Aaron Farber
Graduate Assistant, Teaching, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
John Williams
Professor Emeritus, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
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Gamma detection system that determines the position and energy of gamma sources within its field of view without using a pixelated full-energy detector. In addition, the present gamma ray imaging systems utilize coincidence measurements, which reduces the background level compared to systems that do not use coincidence methods to filter detected events.



This gamma ray sensor has greater detection efficiency than a pixelated full-energy detector and provides for a less expensive system than conventional gamma ray imaging systems, such as a conventional Compton camera or a conventional coded aperture camera. This invention allows for the use of such applications in a mobile manner either vehicle mounted or handheld.


Gamma ray imaging systems are employed in a variety of fields including nuclear medicine, homeland security, decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and astronomy.


UA Technology ID: UA12-102



1.       Aaron Farber

2.       John Williams


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Robert Sleeper, J.D.

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