The Buzz: Alcohol Education Program

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Peggy Glider
Coordinator, Evaluation-Research, Campus Health & Wellness
Lee Ann Hamilton
Assistant Director, Health Promotion-Preventive Services, Campus Health & Wellness
Andrew Maghielse
Graphic Designer, Senior, Campus Health & Wellness
David Salafsky
Director, Health Promotion & Preventive Services, Campus Health & Wellness
Spencer Gorin
Health Educator, Campus Health & Wellness
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574


The Buzz is a fun, interactive, game-oriented alcohol education program meant for college and high-school aged students. It is designed to teach students through lively discussion, game play, and competition. This technology is available for licensing by clicking the link License this Technology - scroll to the bottom and click link to enter your information. Or you can learn more by contacting Lewis Humphreys at 520-626-1213.


Universities across the country struggle every year to promote alcohol education, awareness, and moderation among their students. Counselors, health educators, and community leaders say that abusive and underage alcohol consumption continues to be the number one health concern at many universities. Traditional education programs often rely on pedantic presentations that lack engaging material. These programs fail to inform students in a meaningful way.


  • Alcohol education and awareness programs at universities and high schools


  • Spirited, informative, and meaningful program.
  • It not only educates students about alcohol consumption, it promotes moderation and healthy habits among participants.

Fall 2014 Buzz Survey Study, (n = 1,096)

100 % of students agree or strongly agree the Buzz is relevant to college students

89% agree or strongly agree that The Buzz will cause them to think differently about their alcohol use

70% agree or strongly agree that The Buzz will cause them to change their alcohol use

78% agree or strongly agree that after attending Buzz they have a specific idea in mind about how to change their alcohol use.


Spencer Gorin, AOD Program Specialist

More information is available at the Buzz web site



Lewis Humphreys

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona

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