SHG Imaging Technique for Assessing Hybrid EO Polymer/Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits

Technology #ua13-034

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Roland Himmelhuber
Graduate Associate, Research, Optical Sciences
Khanh Kieu
Assistant Professor, Optical Sciences
Robert Norwood
Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Summary: Scientists at the University of Arizona have developed a system for assessing the efficiency of the EO polymer poling process by using multi-photon imaging in the second harmonic generation mode (SHG), permitting imaging and assessment of waveguide devices, including poled polymer devices, prior to, during, and after fabrication.  This system provides depth and lateral spatial resolution up to 1 µm and can be used for multi-layer devices.


Background: The emergence of data center photonics has created a demand for high speed optical modulation on a silicon platform.  Electro-optic (EO) polymers integrated with silicon photonics display high EO coefficients, high bandwidths, and excellent silicon compatibility.  However, manufacturing these devices requires an electric field poling process that can be difficult to accurately measure or optimize, and can only be done on an otherwise virtually complete device. Defects cannot be detected until the end of the process with conventional quality control means.



•       Poling optimization

•       Defect characterization during fabrication

•       Circuit inspection



•       Non-invasive, non-contact

•       High resolution, background-free imaging

•       Mid-process characterization of EO polymer/silicon photonics

•       Rapid inspection of complex features over large areas


Status: Partially Demonstrated, PCT patent application filed


Lead Inventor: Robert Norwood


Contact: Amy Phillips;

Refer to case number UA13-034