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Joseph Dagher
Research Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Tech ID: UA13-084



The advantages of publishing scientific research online have been discussed for well over a decade. At the same time, many different platforms have been developed to bring these ideas to life.  As the world of online publishing continues to grow, it is important that this ever expanding body of work is organized, searchable, and continues to be of high quality. The vast amount of work being produced by current academics has caused traditional publishing methods to become a bottleneck for research becoming available to a wider audience.


A major component of getting a paper published is the peer-review process. As social media becomes increasingly popular, it is expected a platform for researchers to instantly start reviewing each other’s work will emerge. The more expedited the process of publication, the sooner valuable results of research can be available to the academic community and can be applied to new situations unseen by the original authors.



An online submission and publishing platform for scientific articles, allowing quick categorization of articles, and using social-networking concepts to reduce the turnaround time for publication while maintaining quality in research.



  • Research can be published faster, while still maintaining a peer-reviewed status.
  • The invention ensures the peer-review process is fair.
  • The technology simplifies the categorization process for new research articles.
  • As this is an online platform, the articles are not limited in size since there are no restrictions based on available journal space.



  • The invention provides a new peer-reviewing platform for publications.
  • Authors using this technology could get feedback on research in progress.
  • Researchers will be able to make their work publicly known to the academic community and make connections with individuals in related fields.


Patent Status: N/A


Lead Inventors: Joseph Dagher


Licensing Manager: Lewis Humphreys