HVAC Prediction Software for a Cost-Limited Home Thermostat

Technology #ua13-095

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Xiao Qin
Graduate Research Assistant, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Susan Lysecky
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jonathan Sprinkle
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: HVAC Prediction for a Cost-Limited Home Thermostat


Invention: This technology interacts with a homeowner’s heating and cooling system to provide a cost-effective HVAC prediction. Employing algorithms, software and hardware, this technology interprets budget and cost inputs from the homeowner and provides comfort suggestions that fit those budget parameters by correlating temperature with cost. This technology operates on an easy to use iOS software platform, simplifying the process for the homeowner who is looking to cut costs on their heating and cooling bills while maintaining comfort levels.


Background: Today’s HVAC and thermostat systems are highly programmable, allowing homeowners to set different temperatures depending on the time of day. However, these systems do not take in to account how those changes are affecting your heating and cooling bill. This technology has the benefits of standard programmable thermostats while also providing homeowners with the ability to help heat and cool their home depending on their current budget.



  • HVAC and home thermostat systems
  • Potential to be utilized in larger commercial buildings



  • Correlates temperatures to costs
  • Gives temperature suggestions based on budget
  • Provides savings on heating and cooling bills


Licensing Manager:

Bob Sleeper


(520) 626-4604