A Broadband Apparatus for Generating and Sampling Polarization States

Technology #ua13-104

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WeI-Liang Hsu
Graduate Associate, Research, Optical Sciences
Stanley Pau
Professor, Optical Sciences
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Amy Phillips
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Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed thin-film polarization devices that generate and/or sample light-polarization states over a broad band (wide wavelength range) and over wide angles. The polarizers incorporate and exploit multiple polarization layer groups and can be integrated into a microarray and incorporated into a light source or a polarization camera.


Polarization is one of the primary characteristics of light. Current polarizers can measure or create both linear and circularly polarized light, but they are limited to operating over a narrow range of wavelengths and angles. There is a need for for polarizer-based devices that are operable over wider ranges of wavelengths and angles.


  • Broadband imaging polarimetry
  • Polarized white light sources
  • Displays
  • Cameras


  • Operates over broad range of wavelengths and angles
  • Pixelated structure is useful for displays and detectors
  • Individual pixels can have different polarizations across the array


Stanley Pau


Amy Phillips

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona


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