Dark Field Solid Immersion Objective for a Microscope

Technology #ua13-109

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Thomas Milster
Professor, Optical Sciences
YounG-Sik Kim
Assistant Research Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579


Researchers at the University of Arizona have designed a novel dark field illumination objective lens with a high numerical aperture.  The oblique illumination angles of this novel objective enhance contrast and reduce scattered light to help view objects whose refractive index is close to that of the surrounding medium. 



- biomedical imaging



- high illumination uniformity

- high numerical aperture 

Lead Inventor: Thomas Milster


Status: Concept tested through computer modeling; Provisional Patent Application filed.


Contact:  Amy Phillips; amyp@tla.arizona.edu

Refer to case number UA13-109