AnimalWatch App for the iPad

Technology #ua14-009

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Thomas Hicks
Research Programmer, Computer Science
William Mitchell
Research Programmer, School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts
Jane Strohm
Researcher, School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts
Mark Grandi
Student Group B, School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts
Carole Beal
Professor, School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574


A version of AnimalWatch for the iPad posing science-based math problems at the middle school level.



AnimalWatch is a software based math tutor presenting math word problems to students. Students using AnimalWatch have been shown to improve their math skills as much as students who receive private tutoring. The questions are based around science topics and are designed to prepare students to take algebra. Current versions of AnimalWatch rely on an Internet connection, and may not be compatible with tablets due to screen size differences and current schemes of interaction. Creating a tablet specific version would solve these problems while allowing students to work at home without the stress of the classroom environment.



  • Students using AnimalWatch in the classroom can continue learning outside of the classroom with an already familiar application.
  • Students further their knowledge of science by learning about endangered and invasive species.
  • The app will be functional even when an Internet connection is not available.
  • Colorful images within the app increases student engagement, possibly fostering an interest in STEM fields.
  • As iPad use of the app can continue at home, parents can monitor their children to see they are learning the material.



  • Prepares middle school students for taking algebra classes.
  • Provides an alternative to a private math tutor.


UA Technology ID: UA14-009


Inventors: Carole Beal, Mark Grandi, Jane Strohm, William Mitchell, Thomas Hicks


Licensing Manager: Lewis Humphreys