Improvements Over Existing Methods/Devices/Materials Related to the Discovery of Novel Multivalent/Multifunctional Ligands With Agonist Activities at Opioid Receptors and Antagonist Activities at Nk-1 Receptor for the Treatment of Pain and Other Indi

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Victor Hruby
Regents Professor Emeritus, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Aswini Giri
Assistant Research Scientist, Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Laura Silva

The invention describes a new ligand that has a very specific structure. It is cyclic in nature, making it more bioavailable, stable, and active in vivo. Furthermore it is comprised of unnatural amino acids, this confers specificity for NK-1 receptors. The compound antagonizes these receptors and makes them unavailable for use. It can be used as both an anti-inflammatory compound and an anti-depression compound. However, the true strength of the invention becomes apparent when it is used in conjunction with an opioid agonist. In this case, the invention can be used as a potent analgesic.


1.The invention can be used as a highly specific analgesic, reducing the amount or severity of side effects.

2.In addition to analgesia, the invention can also be used to treat depression and inflammation.

3.It can work well in conjunction with other compounds to achieve a wider variety of effects.

Applications: The invention can be used as a drug to combat depression and inflammation on its own. This is derived from its antagonization of the NK-1 receptor. However, when combined with opioid agonists, the compound can be used as an analgesic. Due to the unnatural amino acids making its structure, the compound is specific to NK-1 receptors, thereby reducing the potential for side effects.

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Principal Investigator: Victor Hruby

Department: Chemistry and BioChemistry

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Laura Silva

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