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Carol Schwalbe
Associate Professor, Journalism
Jason Davis
Graduate Student, Journalism
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Lewis Humphreys
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The University of Arizona’s School of Journalism has created an iPad application that produces a virtual multimedia magazine filled with student’s works in the area of science and technology. The application is an interactive magazine allowing the user to sift through articles, photos, videos, and info-graphics about Arizona science and technology. The Scientific Tucsonan is intended to read just like a magazine, allowing the reader to not only flip through articles, but to have access to multiple videos and photos related to different topics.


With the University of Arizona being a Tier 1 research institution, there is an abundance of cutting edge research happening on campus and around the community. With a wide range of science and technology stories happening across the state, students at the School of Journalism are reporting on science and technologies every day. The Scientific Tucsonan is the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism first multimedia magazine for the iPad, allowing students to feature stories and projects to the public. The app came to life in a course taught by Journalism Professor Carol Schwalbe’s (Multimedia Storytelling: Science and Technology). Here, students came up with an application design and implemented the technology so others could view their works.


  • Although the application is only currently used on the iPad, the application can be implemented on other application platforms. This technology is not only limited to Apple’s market (iPhone, iPad, iTunes) it can expand to other application markets as well (example android, google play).
  • This application can be implemented on every consumer electronics market, not just the iPad. These markets including, phone/tablet, smart television, gaming devices, computers, and any other technologies that incorporate applications.
  • Not only can The Scientific Tucsonan be used on devices it could also be used as a platform for modeling academic curriculum. Since this application has educational merit other universities and institutions could model their curriculum to use similar technologies in their classrooms.


  • The Scientific Tucsonan is an interactive way for Arizona’s news consumers to have access to current articles about science and technology happening at the University of Arizona and across the state.
  • It gives a forum for the University of Arizona to publish and promote its research to the general public.
  • It incorporates an open platform for students to post their projects and articles for others to see.
  • It gives students an opportunity to gain personal development and real life experience during their academic pursuit in journalism.


Jason Davis

Carol Schwalbe

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Lewis Humphreys

Licensing Manager, Eller College of Management

University of Arizona, Tech Launch Arizona

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