Diagnostic for Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Technology #ua14-143

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Pawel Kiela
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Fayez Ghishan
Department Head, Pediatrics
Katri Typpo
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Managed By
Rakhi Gibbons
Asst. Director, Life Sciences (520) 626-6695


Children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for repair or palliation of congestive heart disease are at risk for intestinal injury and often present with altered intestinal barrier function. Monitoring markers of intestinal injury may lead to innovative pre- and post-operative gut-protective measures during various illness states.


UA14-143 is a novel bio-marker diagnostic for use in conjunction with patients who are undergoing invasive cardiac procedures as a predictive tool to guide initiation, advancement, or withdrawal of enteral nutrition during these cardiac events. UA14-143 allows non-invasive assessment of intestinal barrier function to guide safe and optimized enteral nutrition delivery.


UA14-143 can be used as an objective diagnostic predictor tool that will optimize safe delivery of enteral nutrition. The key benefit of UA-143 is the reduction in major sources of ongoing morbidity in this patient population, including sepsis and hospital-acquired infections.

Stage of development:

UA14-143 is undergoing continued research and refinement.

Lead Inventor:

Katri Typpo, M.D.

Licensing Manager:

Rakhi Gibbons