High Power Semiconductor Pulsed Laser System and Method

Technology #ua14-163

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Paul Lundquist
Sr. Principal Scientist
NaI-Hang Kwong
Research Professor, Optical Sciences
Rudolf Binder
Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Invention:  The invention is a pulsed semiconductor light emitter than can be pumped over much longer durations than the emission time, using charge separation in a gain medium to manipulate the carrier lifetimes.  Carrier generation powers can be reduced, and/or carrier generation can be extended to minimize the pumping power constraints for a given output peak power.



Although semiconductor lasers can be designed to emit light from the UV to the infrared.  However, they are not generally used for high peak power because the carrier recombination lifetimes in semiconductor gain media are naturally very short.  Thus, emissions occur in semiconductor gain media at nearly the same rate as pumping can occur, and therefore there is no substantial energy sotrage possible within the crystal, so high peak power switched laser emission operation cannot occur.


  • Wavelength specific detection
  • Material processing (precision cutting)
  • Various biomedical applications



  • Increased output  power and efficiency for semiconductor pulse lasers
  • Use of semiconductor lasers allows for wide availability of wavelengths


Lead Inventor:

Dr. Rolf Binder


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips


Refer to case number UA14-163