MineSafe: A Software Platform for Serious Games in Mine Safety Education

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Mary Poulton
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MineSAFE is a new approach to mining safety education that goes beyond the traditional approach of seminars and videos. Mine Safe has the capability to place a miner in a simulated environment. Employers will have a variety of pre-packed scenarios to choose from, or may choose to create their own in order to further custom-tailor their safety training. MineSAFE includes several different training initiatives, each with a different focus. The Interactive Fatalgram Simulators focuses on fatality prevention by providing a selection of “minigames” dedicated to teaching the various topics covered in MSHA Fatalgrams. Harry’s Hard Choices Interactive has its own emergent storyline, expanding upon the popular paper activity. As miners make their decisions, the storyline is influenced and changed, allowing a deeper interactivity and better learning.


MineSAFE gives the user opportunity of engagement in mining life-or-dead scenarios. This is done through voice-acted dialogue, emergent teammate behavior, self-rescue guidelines, and close adherence to MSHA safety. Harry’s Hard Choices Interactive also includes an element of randomization that allows for “replayability”, further ensuring that miners learn the safety procedures themselves instead of the “test.” In short, MineSAFE provides an effective educational training experience that miners enjoy learning from, making it one of the most effective mining safety learning software in the market. 






Lewis Humphreys

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