Aerobic and Cognitive Training System

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Gene Alexander
Professor, Psychology
David Raichlen
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Managed By
Paul Eynott
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-2878

Invention: The invention is a portable system that allows individuals to exercise on aerobic equipment while taking a series of tasks to enhance cognitive function.




•       Lack of drugs equates to no unwanted side effects

•       Implementation is simpler than a pharmacological therapeutic

•       Can be used as a preventative measure as well as a therapeutic measure


Applications: One application for the invention would be as a cognitive enhancer in aging persons. This path is elucidated in the disclosure. Another clinical application would be as potential preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. There is already evidence that physical exercise plays a role against Alzheimer’s (Radak, et. al). There is potential that adding cognitive exercises will have a positive effect. Evidence also exists to support the sole use of physical exercise as a treatment to stay brain aging (Ahlskog, et. al). Again, adding cognitive exercises may bestow positive effects.


Patent Information: Patent Pending




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Principal Investigators

       Name: Gene Alexander

       Department: Psychology



          Name: David Raichlen

          Department: Anthropology 



Licensing Manager:

John Geikler