The Intra-Aortic Ballon Pump App

Technology #ua15-019

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See Wei Low
Research Associate, Cardiology
Kai Rou Tey
Clinical Assistant I, Medicine
Khoi Duy Minh Phung
UI Designer
Justin Lee
Clinical Assistant II, Medicine
Kah Hwee Gan
App Developer
Kwan Lee
Assistant Professor, Medicine
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Background:  An intra-aortic balloon pump is a widely available device used in hospital and EMS settings to provide hemodynamic support for patients in cardiogenic shock. It is implanted at the bedside, relatively cheap, and patients can be transported with mobile modules. Because of this wide field of use, many health care professionals including nurses, EMT personnel, respiratory technicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practicioners need to be familiar with the setup of an IABP, their maintenance and their use. Currently, there is only one software based application which provides information regarding and IABP, and this information is mostly theoretical. Therefore, there is a need for an educational software tool which can be used in the field.


Invention: This technology seeks to address this problem by disclosing an app which serves as a user friendly point of care reference guide for the setup, use, and troubleshooting of IABP’s in the field, both model and manufacturer specific.


Application: As this is a phone based application, it can be downloaded from an app store on any major mobile platform (smart phone, tablet etc) and then run from the users own device. This application is an interactive and highly comprehensive reference guide which can be used in an accompanying fashion with an Intra-Aortic balloon pump. Therefore, the commercial applications are twofold: first, it can be sold simply from the app store; and second, it can be marketed directly to any business which provides home care or which is comprised primarily of nurses and nurse practitioners.


Advantages: This product is the first of its kind to provide highly detailed guidance and education regarding a user’s specific make and model of IABP. Furthermore, this product is the first which also contains troubleshooting guides which are model specific, and contains a diverse bank of current scientific and medical articles regarding the use and case of IABPS.


Lead Inventor: Dr. Kwan Lee


UA ID:  UA15-019