Clamping System for Cadaver Limbs in Arthroscopy Laboratories

Technology #ua15-059

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L. Daniel Latt
Associate Professor, Orthopedic Surgery
Ariana Nicolini
Student Group B, Biomedical Engineering
Managed By
Lisa Lin
Licensing Manager (520) 626-6969

Title: Clamping System for Cadaver Limbs in Arthroscopy Laboratories

Invention: The presented technology provides for a novel box-clamp design for holding a cadaver limb during arthroscopy training. Current systems for this purpose do not provide the proper stability and positioning required for realistic simulation. With the proposed method a cadaver limb can be potted and placed in a secure clamp with 360 degrees of rotation that will allow for the appropriate position for the given surgery. The system has been demonstrated to provide increased realism for knee, ankle, and shoulder surgeries.


Background: Minimally invasive surgeries provide many benefits, especially when it comes to someone that requires a quick recovery time such as professional athletes. However, minimally invasive surgeries can require considerably more training than that of traditional techniques. When considering various training methods it is important to have the value of realism as a priority.



  • Knee surgery training
  • Ankle surgery training
  • Shoulder surgery training



•       Increased stability

•       Increased freedom for positioning adjustments

•       Secondary clamp for use on scapula