Optical Device for In-Line and Real-Time Monitoring of Microalgae

Technology #ua15-095

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Gregory Ogden
Research Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Kimberly Ogden
Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Fei Jia
Graduate Associate, Agric & Biosystems Engr
Murat Kacira
Associate Professor, Ag & Biosystems Engineering
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Tod Mccauley


Current methods of measuring biological variables such as cell mass concentration, cell size, cell morphology, population composition, pigments, and liquid content are currently either prohibitively expensive, too laborious, or destructive to be employed for real-time monitoring and control. Existing sensors for each individual application are mostly designed for environmental concentrations and as such are not suited for microalgae growth. This invention attempts to facilitate the process of measurement by introducing an enclosed all-in-one solution using various optical emitters to harmonise the measurement process for real-time, microalgae growth.


This invention may be used in a many applications requiring biological sensors.


The present invention has an improvement on the state-of-the-art in several ways:

•       Harmonised sensor suite for variety of applications

•       Ability to carry out real-time measurement of high concentration solutions

•       Ability to carry out non-destructive measurements.

•       Non-prohibitive pricing

Lead Inventor:

Kacira, Murat