RFID Technology in Blister Packs to Improve Adherence

Technology #ua15-102

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Sandesh Dev
Physician, USVAMC
William Thiagarajan
Adjunct Professor, Public Health
Sandi Thoi
Pharmacist, Pharmacy Administration
Adam Cardi
Terry Urbine
Aoociate Research Scientist, Pharmacy Administration
Managed By
Rakhi Gibbons
Asst. Director, Life Sciences (520) 626-6695


The technology is a blister pack integrated with RFID technology to track medication adherence.


Patient non-adherence is when patients fail to follow the medication recommendations of their health care provider. This is a significant barrier to effective medical treatment. Estimates of hospitalization costs due to medication adherence are $13.35 billion annually in the United States. Non-adherence is a risk factor for many poor outcomes, which may contribute up to 125,000 deaths each year.


  • The invention could be sold as an adherence tool to pharmacies looking to improve their five star ratings.
  • Regular chains such as Walgreens have not adopted this and may be a suitable target market for the invention.
  • This type of device may help pharmacies track medication usage and intervene when appropriate.
  • Pharmacies may be inclined to receive bonus payments from insurance plans if adherence rates can increase.


  • This technology may be lower in cost to implement versus many of the other adherence devices available. For example, a med compliance monitor may be extremely cost prohibitive to a patient and only used in research settings.
  • These types of adherence devices provide many options over a blister pack including an alarm and text message reminders.
  • The current technology is more suited to be implemented in a high-risk population due to its relative ease of use and low cost. A high-risk population that can benefit from medication adherence may be the elderly.


Terry Urbine


Rakhi Gibbons

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona


Technology ID: Refer to UA Case Number UA15-102