Small Portable Night Vision System

Technology #ua15-111

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Hong Hua
Professor, Optical Sciences
Stanley Pau
Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579


The technology is a night vision system that is compact enough to be head-worn. Bringing together a light-weight optical system with a novel sensor, the system offers direct line-of-sight imaging in three wavelength ranges in a portable 35mm x 40mm x 25mm package.  Further, the free-form optical design yields high resolution and contrast.


Conventional night vision systems are robust and ruggedized, but also suffer from being heavy and cumbersome. Neck and eye fatigue result from the uncomfortable form factor of existing systems.  In addition, the footprint consumes valuable real estate within a helmet.


  • More portable than current night vision systems
  • Achieves high performance and contrast in three wavelength ranges
  • Frees us space on the head or within a helmet for other tools


  • Search and rescue
  • Aerial forest fire detection
  • Hunting


Stanley Pau

Hong Hua


Amy Phillips

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona

Refer to case number UA15-111