Integrated Reformer, Reactor, and Control System for Efficient H2 Production From Hydrocarbon Fuels

Technology #ua15-116

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Xiaoxin Wang
Graduate Assistant, Aerospace & Mech. Engineering
Shuyang Zhang
Graduate Assistant, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Xinhai Xu
Graduate Assistant, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Peiwen Li
Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604


This invention is a control system that allows the precise combining of a hydrocarbon fuel, steam and Ai/O2 l in an integrated auto-thermal reformer and water-shifting reactor unit. The device can achieve thermal management to have favorable high and low temperature for both auto thermal reformers and water shifting reactors.



This invention claims to display enhanced performance in area, such as:


•       Accomplish of thermal management to have favorable high and low temperatures

•       High hydrogen conversion rate from hydrocarbon fuels

•       Allows integration of auto-thermal reformer and water-shifting reactor 



This invention have a very board scope. This technology can lead to many advances the in the fields of                                               


•       Hydrogen Fuel Cells

•       processing/refining,

•       chemical synthesis,


UA Technology ID: UA15-116


1.       Li, Peiwen

2.       Xu,Xinhai

3.       Zhang, Shuyang


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Robert Sleeper, J.D.

Licensing Manager, College of Engineering

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