Mobile App for a Clinical Trials Database

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Charles Cairns
Vice Dean, Medicine Administration
Wayne Peterson
Assistant Director, UITS-Administrative Computing
Keith Wilburn
Assistant Dean, COM Info Tech Services
Michele Norin
Co-Director, CCIT
Maria Vega
Director, COM Info Tech Services
Rita Ellsworth
Director, AHS Biocommunications
Brett Bendickson
Architect, UITS
Max Lieberman
Manager, COM Info Tech Services
Syed Hussain
Application System Analyst, COM Info Tech Services
Ami Buczek
Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Sr, UITS
David Celaya
Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Senior, AHS BioCommunications
Marcus Bates
Manager Enterprise Application Development
Delfina Gaxiola
Manager, Sr VP Health Sciences
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574


AZiCATS NOW is a website and a mobile application that provides access to ongoing AZiCATS studies and active national studies to both investigators and patients. Patients can search for clinical trials that may potentially be lifesaving while investigators can recruit patients for their clinical trials.


The US mHealth applications market in 2015 is projected at $391.9 million and the compound annual growth rate is 11.3%. Multiple innovative solutions are currently available with a web-based database as one of the most important tools connecting patients to clinical trials. The new pricing model for mobile applications is named freemium. In this model, mobile applications are available for free download but extra features will need to be paid for to subsidize the overall cost of these emerging health technologies


  • Provides access to AziCATS studies and national studies through searching disease condition, treatment, and study site locations.
  • The mobile app includes a distance function to identify studies within Arizona even if Internet access is unavailable.
  • The website will be focused towards patients and the mobile app will be focused towards health care providers.
  • The providers will also be able to communicate information to patients when connected and offline.
  • The mobile application and website will also be translated into Spanish, Hopi, and Navajo.


  • Small bio-tech startups
  • Health database companies
  • Tool to aggregate clinical trials to both the investigators and  the patients


Charles Caims

Keith Wilburn

Michele Norin


Lewis Humphreys

Licensing Manager, Eller College of Management

University of Arizona, Tech Launch Arizona

O: 520-621-1213