Millimeter-Wave Reflect-Array for Compressive Threat Detection in Security Screening Applications

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Mark Neifeld
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Min Liang
Postdoctoral Resarch Associate I, Electrical and Computer Engr
Tim Harvey
Hao Xin
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Millimeter Wave Compressive Sensing for Standoff Security Scanning Using Reconfigurable Reflect Array involves using a reconfigurable reflect array to realize task specific compressive sensing for standoff security screening of threats including guns, knives, explosives, liquids and gels, etc.


The need to modernize and improve passenger security screening has been a topic of conversation across the aviation industry for many years. Long lines, complexity of rules, and often-invasive processes are a significant burden to people undergoing checkpoint security worldwide. There is a lack of real time, effective, compact, and low-cost security screening.


Current security technology is ineffective at scanning thick articles of clothing and shoes while on the feet of individuals. Security practices require that people queue in long lines and remove articles of clothing, items from their bags, and shoes from their feet, which takes a significant amount of time. Thus, there is a need for decreased queue times and a more streamlined checkpoint process.


Scanning of humans and luggage in Airport Screening


Hao Xin, Phd

Mark Neifeld, Phd


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