Dyzo- Piezo Electric System for Measuring Tissue Properties

Technology #ua15-157

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John Rogers
Professor, Material Science and Engineering
Canan Dagdeviren
Marvin Slepian
Professor, Medicine
Managed By
Rakhi Gibbons
Asst. Director, Life Sciences (520) 626-6695

Title: Skin Monitoring system


Invention: This device is a flexible sensor capable of conforming to the skin of a patient to record data relevant to overall skin health.


Background: The device tracks the variable elastic modulus between healthy and unhealthy skin. This can determine efficacy of beauty products that claim to deliver healthier skin to users or even detect malignant tumors non-invasively. Also capable of computing spatial maps for skin lesions over a large area.



•       Non-invasive tumor detection

•       Progressive tumor tracking

•       Spatial mapping of large skin lesions

•       Cosmetic efficacy testing



•       Non-invasive

•       Highly sensitive

•       Spatial mapping capabilities



Marvin Slepian

Canan Dagdeviren

John Rogers


Licensing Manager: 

Rakhi Gibbons (http://techlaunch.arizona.edu/people/rakhi-gibbons)



Technology ID: Refer to UA Case Number UA15-157