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Nikolas Gelo
Stuent Group B, Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Hongki Jo
Assistant Professor, Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Jaehong Min
Research Associate, Civil Engineering
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574



The gathering of structural health monitoring (SHM) information is invaluable and key to the safety and development of objects and structures alike.  Real time absolute dynamic displacement is one measurement that allows for such monitoring.  Tracking the slightest movements of an object or structure in real time instances allows for the development of data that can provide key indications of potential damage or stress to an object or structure.  Until now absolute dynamic displacement monitoring when utilizing SHM techniques was difficult and costly to achieve due to the need for specialized measuring equipment and industry professionals to utilize the equipment as well as often complex data representations. 


Recent advances in smartphone technologies primarily camera lens technology, graphics processing units (GPU), CPU’s and memory capabilities has allowed for the development of smartphone application capable of measuring real time dynamic displacement.  The application utilizes the smartphone’s camera and a reference card to record, analyze and report the dynamic displacement of an object over a given interval of time. 




Utilizing a smartphone and reference card to measure dynamic displacement and produce user friendly data reports allows for a substantially more cost effective method of measurement.  Additionally, this device requires minimal training for its effective use.  This ease of use and access to smartphones allows the use of the measurement tool by the general public in addition to industry professionals allowing for an increased consumer base. 


Inventor:  Hongki Jo


Licensing Manager: Lewis Humphreys