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Jaehong Min
Research Associate, Civil Engineering
Hongki Jo
Assistant Professor, Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Nikolas Gelo
Stuent Group B, Civil Engr and Engr Mechanics
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Non-contact and Real-time Dynamic Displacement Monitoring using Smartphone Technologies (RINO App)


Invention: A new smartphone application, developed for iOS, for the application of dynamic displacement measurements as one of the available approaches for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).


Background: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) aims to give, at every moment during the life of a structure, a diagnosis of the “state” of the constituent materials, of the different parts, and of the full assembly of these parts constituting the structure as a whole. Many of the available approaches for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) can benefit from the availability of dynamic displacement measurements. This newly developed smartphone application allows for measuring of absolute dynamic displacements in real-time using state-of-the-art smartphone technologies such as a high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU), in addition to already powerful CPU and memories, embedded high-speed/resolution camera, and open-source computer vision libraries.



  • Health monitoring of large bridges through simultaneous load measurements including monitoring of wind, weather and traffic
  • SHM Aerospace Vehicle Applications (launch vehicles, space vehicles, international space station)
  • Civil Infrastructure (buildings, nuclear power plants, offshore petroleum installation)



  • Real-time measurement
  • Low-cost monitoring of absolute dynamic displacements
  • Autonomous detection of target centroid, user-adjustable color hue range, and high precision time stamps


Licensing Manager:

Lewis Humphreys


(520) 626-1213