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Stephanie Zawada
Student Group B, Business
Marvin Slepian
Professor, Medicine
Managed By
Rakhi Gibbons
Asst. Director, Life Sciences (520) 626-6695

Title: Mobile Platform for Tracking and Understanding Health


Invention: Inventors at the University of Arizona have developed a mobile platform designed to help patients improve the understanding of their health data, as well as communicate more effectively with medical professionals. Envisioned as an application that improves the efficiency of the relationship between patients and health care providers, this technology may also improve a patient’s compliance to their treatment regimens.


Background: In the United States, hospitals are at risk of losing federal funding if patient satisfaction is rated too low. By improving the communications between health care professionals and patients, patients are more likely to understand and feel like they have a voice in their treatment. In addition, 93% of physicians agree that mobile health applications can lead to improved patients outcomes. The development of this technology was prompted by hospitals' goals of increasing customer satisfaction, lowering admission rates, and documenting meaningful use compliance of electronic health records. 



  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices



  • Allows patients to make notes as a means of writing and sharing key information to be discussed during doctor visits
  • Allows physicians to interface easily with their patients, linking them to news and articles that are relevant to their health
  • Helps patients understand their doctor’s reasoning when it comes to their treatment recommendations
  • Potential to improve a patient’s treatment compliance
  • Provides a convenient and secure means by which test results can be sent to patients
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Can send data to hospitals that can be used as evidence when applying for funding or in medical studies
  • Can track patients' activities for meaningful use
  • Designed using psychology research metrics in order to promote user engagement


Licensing Manager: 

Rakhi Gibbons

(520) 626-6695