Digital Library for 3D Printed Medical Assistive Devices

Technology #ua15-196

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Andrew Kantzos
Medical Student, Child Health
Jonathan Lifshitz
Associate professor, Child Health
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Digital Library for 3D Printed Medical Assistive Devices

Invention: A website for obtaining files for 3D printed medical assistive devices. Searches will be enhanced with file categories and files will have the ability to be tailored to each particular consumer.

Background: Individuals affected by rare diseases in the United States (defined as affecting less than .063% of the population) have a need for medical assistive devices to aid in daily living. Furthermore, individuals affected by more common diseases still have a need for customized assistive devices. However, the rarity of these diseases and the level of personalization for the devices translates to insufficient market power for manufacturing firms to invest. A website with a specific digital library filled with 3D printing files, which could be customized for a personal fit and use, would meet the demand for specific and/or custom assistive devices. In order to better serve users, all files would be categorized in some fashion to allow more efficient searches on the website.. 


  • Printing of assistive devices by patients themselves or by medical personnel (Medical)
  • Subscription membership options give businesses access to the enhanced/extended library (Commercial)
  • Students and faculty crowd-source the library by submitting CAD files (Educational)


  • Lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing
  • Customized devices tailored to each patients' desired fit and function
  • Content-specific library with built-in categorization allows for efficient content filtering and expedited searches
  • Crowdsourcing component allows for quality control and feedback