Annulation to Produce Heterocyclic Compounds

Technology #ua16-019

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Isaac Chogii
Graduate Assistant, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jon Njardarson
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Managed By
Laura Silva

Title: Novel Annulation Method for Pharmacological Compound Production 

Invention: The invention describes a novel way to generate heterocyclic compounds via a 3+2 annulation. This method requires no expensive reagents, and can be done in a chiral manner in some instances

Background: Existing methods to synthesize heterocycles usually require multiple steps, metal catalysts, and/or relatively expensive reagents. The invention possess no such drawbacks and is able to create heterocycles in a one pot reaction. These heterocyclic compounds can be used to then synthesize a variety of therapeutically relevant compounds.

Applications: Can be used to synthesize a variety of drugs conducive to

Anti HIV Compounds

Anti Hypertensive Compounds


Cancer Therapeutics


Cost effective relative to the existing options

One pot reaction, allowing for faster turnaround time

Can generate chiral compounds

Licensing Manager:

Laura Silva

(520) 626-1557