Novel Method for Synthesis of Indoles

Technology #ua16-022

Title: Novel Annulation Method for Pharmacological Compound Production 


Invention: The invention describes a novel method of generating heterocyclic compounds via a 3+2 annulation. This method does not require expensive reagents and, in some instances, can be completed in a chiral manner.


Background: Existing methods to synthesize heterocycles usually require multiple steps, metal catalysts, and/or relatively expensive reagents. This invention possesses no such drawbacks and creates heterocycles in a one pot reaction. These heterocyclic compounds can be used to then synthesize a variety of therapeutically relevant compounds.



  • Anti-HIV compounds
  • Anti-hypertensive compounds
  • Analgesics
  • Cancer therapeutics



  • Cost effective relative to the existing options
  • One pot reaction allows for faster turnaround 
  • Generation of chiral compounds


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Laura Silva

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