Rapid Formation of Polymer Frits in Fused Silica Capillaries Using Spatially-Defined Thermal Polymerization

Technology #ua16-037

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Elyssia Gallagher
Graduate Assistant, Chemistry
Christopher Baker
Postdoctoral, CBC
Kendall Sandy
Graduate Assistant, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Craig Aspinwall
Professor, Chemistry
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Laura Silva

Title: Rapid Thermal Polymer Frit Synthesis


Invention: This invention is a novel method of synthesizing porous polymer frits for capillary liquid chromatography using thermal polymerization. This method provides an alternative to current state-of-the art UV cured polymer frits.


Background: The rapid increase in quality control, research, and drug discovery labs has driven the high performance liquidit chromatography/ulta performance liquid chromatography (HPLC/UPLC) market. In addition, most pharmaceutical and biotech firms now opt for UHPLC systems. At this time the inventors have demonstrated the use and efficiency of this invention in conditions similar to those that typically call for UV-polymerized frits.



  • Research settings



  • Does not require expensive equipment
  • Polymerization is complete in less than 2 minutes
  • Withstands pressure and allows separation of analytes similar to those of UV-cured polymer frits
  • Safer for the capillary system
  • Lowers the cost barrier for liquid chromatography methods
  • Opens research avenues

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Laura Silva


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