Fluorogenic Diazonium-Derived Fluorophores

Technology #ua16-038

Title: Fluorogenic Diazonium-Derived Fluorophores

Invention: The technology describes various diazonium salts that can react to produce a fluorescent azobenzene compound.

Background: Current iterations of fluorescent diazonium salts utilize metal catalysts to produce a reaction. However, these metal catalysts can have harmful effects in a medical setting. This invention consists of a bioorthogonal approach performed under physiological conditions to produce fluorescent compounds that can be bound to specifically targeted proteins.  


  • Biosensors
  • Detection and diagnostics
  • Medical imaging


  • Ideal for medical settings
  • Reduces the likelihood of false positives
  • Able to bind to various proteins,
  • Targets and detects a wide variety of compounds  

Licensing Manager:

Laura Silva


(520) 626-1557