Pseudoprolines in Neuropeptides

Technology #ua16-048

Title: Development of Novel Pseudopeptides


Invention: The invention describes the use of pseudo peptides to cross the blood-brain barrier and bind to targeted receptors to achieve pharmaceutical effects.


Background: Increased research has led to the exploration of peptides delivering compounds by diffusing across the blood-brain barrier. Many peptide-based drugs are not created using pseudo-peptides, however, glycosylation plays a key role in manipulating the structure of existing peptides. This invention uses glycosylation to create a newly folded peptide that can then be used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications to produce medicinal effects.



  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Biosensors
  • Diagnostic imaging



  • Increased capability to cross the blood-brain barrier
  • Increased affinity to bind to specific targeted receptors
  • Breakdown of the compound may not yield any toxic effects


Licensing Manager:

Laura Silva

(520) 626-1557