Compact Multiband Mobile Phone Antennas for LTE Operations

Technology #ua16-084

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Xiaoju Yu
Graduate Assistant, Research, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Min Liang
Postdoctoral Resarch Associate I, Electrical and Computer Engr
Ahmed Abdelrahman
Postdoctoral Research Associate I, ECE
Junqiang Wu
Research Assistant, ECE
Hao Xin
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: Compact Multiband Mobile Phone Antennas for LTE Operations


Invention: An antenna that can be used in hardware configurable mobile devices and is compatible with installation on a metal endoskeleton.


Background: The research has been in trying to find an antenna that is compatible with the new customizable modular mobile devices but can still transmit and receive despite being attached to a grounded metal edoskeleton. The research is also to try and find a versatile design that will be compatible with all commercial radio wave transmission bands.



  • Ara Phone/ other customizable modular mobile phones
  • Deep sea water probe applications
  • Near Field communications in Space and Defense
  • Easily replaceable antennas for cheap or temporary applications



  • Is compatible with metal endoskeleton designs
  • Two prototypes built and tested
  • Small and compact
  • Compatible with multiple ISM bands


Licensing Manager:

Robert Sleeper

(520) 626-4604