A High-Speed Digital Multi-Focal Optical System

Technology #ua16-103

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Yi Qin
Graduate Assistant, Research, Optical Sciences
Hong Hua
Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: A High-Speed Digital Multi-Focal Optical System


Invention: University of Arizona researchers have designed a high-speed digital multi-focal lens system that can selectively focus at one or more multiple focal powers simultaneously.  It is a readily scalable design for a wide range of applications, providing high-speed lightfield display systems, without sacrificing field of view, depth of field, or range of focus.

Background: Multi-focal and tunable optics technologies, in which the optical power or a system is tuned without mechanically moving any parts, are key for building high-performance lightfield display systems.  Micro-Integrated Imaging (micro-InI) displays that reconstruct the full-parallax 3D lightfield of a scene, have poor performance when used with conventional simple lenslet array structures.  To improve the performance, there is a need for a lenslet array structure that yields adequate spatial resolution, depth of field, longitudinal resolution and viewing angle resolution, while operating at a relatively high speed.



  • Projection lenses
  • Cell phone cameras
  • Display monitors
  • Microscope/in-vivo imaging equipment
  • Head Mounted Displays



  • Higher speed focus-selection over a greater range of focus
  • Not as dependent on software to auto-focus and correct the image
  • Assembly less expensive than aspheric systems
  • Improved image quality


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips


Refer to case number UA16-103