Metamaterials With Gain Compensation by Active Devices

Technology #ua16-104

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Adnan Kantemur
Graduate Student, ECE
Qi Tang
Graduate Student, ECE
Hao Xin
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: Metamaterials with Gain Compensations by Active Devices


Invention: This invention is an effective gain medium that overcompensates for the loss of a conventional passive metamaterial, meanwhile keeping its original negative-index property. This material can be used to solve the critical challenge current metamaterial technology faces in practical applications.


Background: Using energy conservation-based theory, full-wave simulation and experimental measurement, the inventors have shown that a fabricated sample consisting of conventional sub-wavelength building blocks with embedded microwave tunnel diodes exhibits a band-limited Lorentzian dispersion simultaneously with a negative refractive index and a net gain.



  • Super lensing
  • Electromagnetic invisibility
  • RF communications
  • Military technology
  • Sonar aversion
  • Radar aversion
  • Potential for use in deep sea water



  • Overcompensates for passive losses of radiation due to dispersion
  • Easily manufactured
  • Requires materials that are readily available
  • Exhibits versatility across numerous applications


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Robert Sleeper

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