Metformin Derivatives for a New Combination Therapy

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Bo Lian
Student Group D, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dipti Tillu
Graduate Associate, Pharmacology
Gregory Dussor
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Theodore Price
Associate Professor
Dong-chul (jeffrey) Pyun
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Faculty at the University of Arizona developed a novel therapeutic that targets the activation of a signaling pathway to treat both acute post-surgical pain and itch and prevent the transition to chronic pain. The invention contains a topical cream treatment at the incision site with either a commonly used, safe drug and/or a natural product that acts via the same pathway.

Dysregulated protein translation regulation pathways that underlie persistent pain states can be negatively regulated by activation of a particular signaling factor. The aim is to establish this signaling factor as a mechanism for the alleviation of post-surgical, and possibly other persistent pain. The inventors use two drugs that possess different mechanisms of this signaling activation to demonstrate a shared endpoint. A combination use of oral drug and topical cream containing the natural product may have wide applications for chronic post-surgical pain prevention.


Chronic pain following surgery is a major clinical issue. Between 10 to 50% of patient who have surgery develop chronic pain, which can be debilitating in 2 to 10% of these cases. Currently available therapeutics given for acute post-surgical pain do not always prevent the transition to chronic pain. Therefore, treatments that target the molecular pathology promoting post-surgical pain, particularly chronic pain, are needed.


  • Therapeutic targets a signaling factor that has not been used to treat pain
  • Has great potential to treat both acute and chronic post-surgical pain
  • The two compounds include a widely prescribed pharmaceutical product and the other being a natural product


  • Treatment of acute post-surgical pain and itch
  • Prevention of transition to chronic pain


Theodore J. Price


Paul R. Eynott PhD

Licensing Manager, Tech Launch Arizona