Deaf Interpreter Certification Examinations

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Ctr Interpretation Test & Rsch
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Lewis Humphreys
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Title: Deaf Interpreter Certification Examinations


Invention: A two-part certification program that assesses deaf interpreters for American Sign Language (ASL) proficiency and interpretation tasks unique to deaf interpretation. The first test utilizes a video-based, multiple-choice assessment to analyze ASL proficiency. The second test is a performance test designed to ensure that an interpreter is proficient in meeting the unique challenges of deaf interpretation.


Background: As of January 1, 2016, a moratorium on Certified Deaf Instructor (CDI) exams due to a pending risk assessment of CDI testing and certification has left the deaf interpreter audience without a means of CDI certification. Although different certifications do exist for sign language interpreters, this new certification program has the potential to service the abandoned audience of deaf interpreters in need of certification. The two-part program focuses on interpreters who are deaf themselves in addition to the complex negotiation of various meanings inherent in non-standard sign usage.



  • CDI testing and certification



  • Certifies the proficiency of deaf interpreters in reconciling meaning in non-standard sign usage
  • The first and only tests developed to assess a deaf interpreter’s ASL proficiency
  • Ensures an interpreter’s ability to meet the unique challenges of deaf interpretation 


Licensing Manager: 

Lewis Humphreys

(520) 626-1213