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Title: Curriculum Units for Translation and Interpreting Studies

Invention: A collection of curriculum materials designed to introduce students to translation and interpretation studies from a practical perspective. 

Background: There are currently few, if any, commercial curricular materials available with a focus on translation and interpretation. In order to address this need, these novel units were originally developed as part of a larger project to use translation and interpretation studies as a vehicle to improve academic outcomes for heritage Spanish speakers. Effectiveness is evident and can be attributed to the curriculum’s particular emphasis on heritage Spanish speakers, which enables students to better recognize the value of bilingualism and biculturalism.


  • Curriculum for translation and interpretation studies


  • Covers a vast range of focus from an introduction to translation/interpretation studies to more specialized environments, such as criminal justice or healthcare
  • Provides students with a robust understanding of translation and interpretation
  • Simultaneously improves proficiency in both English and Spanish
  • Places emphasis on heritage Spanish speakers
  • Enables students to better recognize the value of bilingualism and biculturalism
  • Includes lesson plans, lecture materials, exercises, assessments, and more

Licensing Manager: 

Lewis Humphreys

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