Trilingual Interpreter Certification Examinations

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Ctr Interpretation Test & Rsch
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Trilingual (English, Spanish, and ASL) Interpreter Certification Examinations


Invention: Two tests designed to assess essential knowledge, skills, and abilities of interpreters who work with English-Spanish-ASL trilingual interpretation. The first test is a multiple-choice prerequisite that assesses an interpreter’s Spanish proficiency. The second test consists of two separate performance tests, advanced and master, that assess a candidate’s ability to perform tasks unique to English-Spanish-ASL trilingual interpretation.


Background: The translation services industry includes organizations that translate written material and interpret speech from one language to another. With interpretation services holding more than fifty percent of the market segmentation, these tests are highly applicable to a large number of workers within the interpretation field. 



  • Assessing and certifying English-Spanish-ASL trilingual interpreters
  • Potential to expand into other trilingual language interpretation assessments (ex. English-French-ASL interpretation)



  • The first and only tests developed to assess trilingual interpretation proficiency


Licensing Manager: 

Lewis Humphreys

(520) 626-1213