Reactive, Fluorescent Epoxy Monomers for Making Epoxy Thermosets Visible Under Ultraviolet Light

Technology #ua16-117

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Peter Mcfadden
Graduate student, CBC
Kevin Frederick
Graduate Assistant, Materials Science & Engr
Nancy Odegaard
Conservator, Arizona State Museum
Pamela Vandiver
Professor, MSE
Douglas Loy
Professor, 20 Materials Science & Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: Reactive, fluorescent epoxy monomers for making epoxy thermosets visible under ultraviolet light


Invention: This technology allows for the easy identification of epoxy repairs using UV light. A fluorescent dye is covalently bonded to the epoxy group molecule, preventing it from leaching out of the cured adhesive. This dye, which emits a bright fluorescence under UV light, does not reduce the adhesive strength of the epoxy and will not lose its fluorescence over time. In addition, only very small concentrations of the incorporated dye are needed to provide a high amount of fluorescence under ultraviolet light.


Background: Identifying previous repair work is important for fields like art conservation in which it is necessary to distinguish between original and added material. Epoxies are common adhesives in numerous fields and, with the development of colorless epoxies, repairs are becoming increasingly difficult to identify. This technology allows for the identification of epoxy repairs by incorporating a fluorescent dye into the adhesive, which then brightly fluoresces under ultraviolet light.  



  • Adhesion/repair of objects
  • Fields where it is important to identify epoxy presence and evidence of previous repairs (e.g. art conservation)



  • Requires only UV light to induce visibility of fluorescence
  • Will not leach and or lose intensity due to covalent bonds
  • Will not lose adhesion power in lieu of dye addition
  • Only very small quantities of dye are needed for visible fluorescence
  • Colorless under visible light


Licensing Manager:

Paul Eynott

(520) 471-2687