Polyarylenes by Cycloaddition Polymerization of Tetrazines and Pyridazines

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Robb Bagge
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Douglas Loy
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Title: Polyarylenes by Cycloaddition Polymerization of Tetrazines and Pyridazines


Invention: The University of Arizona presents a novel method of producing a variety of polyarylene compounds in order to increase efficient production of high quality membranes.


Background: Traditional means of producing high quality membranes are laborious due to the use of reagents involved in the process. In order to remove this burden, University of Arizona researchers have developed a means of quickly producing a wide variety of high quality membranes.



  • Solid oxide fuel cell membrane production
  • Lithium ion battery conductor production
  • Generalized membrane manufacturing with purification purposes



  • Rapid production
  • Wide variety of distinct products possible due to open substituent rearrangements being allowable
  • Two main configurations that are both industrially desirable
  • Easily accessible and workable reagents


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