Generalized Belief Propagation Based Deliberate Bit Flipping for Modulation Coding

Technology #ua16-155

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Bane Vasic
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mohsen Bahrami
Graduate student, Electrical Engineering
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: Generalized Belief Propagation Based Deliberate Bit Flipping for Modulation Coding


Invention: This technology is a systematic algorithm/program for 2D modulation coding using low pass constraints to eliminate bit patterns with large, high-frequency components. The algorithm/program enables deliberate bit flipping and a form of the Generalized Belief Propagation algorithm. 


Background: The nature of write and read processes in the next generation of data storage systems necessitates that an information storage be viewed as a two-dimensional system. Unfortunately, as of yet, 2D schemes are not efficient enough to catch errors before they are written and/or read to or from memory. As an alternative, constrained codes have been successfully utilized to reduce ISI in 1D information storage.



  • Embedding 2D constraints into the error correction
  • Development of technologies in system on chip applications for on chip memory
  • Potential for use in looking for errors in transmission/reception in inter-network communications
  • Potential to develop a more efficient program to intercept errors in wireless technology



  • Creates more distinguishable read back signals at the output of the channel, resulting in a gain in the performance of the detector
  • Optimized and efficient in catching errors on write to and read from processes
  • Retains a bandwidth for the capability of error catching that is not currently available for other programs
  • Employs a well-known and well-researched algorithm, meaning that manipulations of this program for other similar but different applications will easily be debugged or trouble shot
  • Will be easily understood by those in the field
  • Versatile in that it is applicable to hardware in a variety of companies and industries


Licensing Manager:

Robert Sleeper

(520) 626-4604