Genotyping of Specific SNPs to Stratify Prostate Cancer Risk

Technology #ua16-162

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Christina Laukaitis
Associate Professor, Medicine
Virginia Ware
Kelsey Guest
Research Specialist, UACC
Jason Wilder
Assoc Professor & Chair, Biological Sciences
Ronald Heimark
Professor, Surgery
Managed By
Lisa Lin
Licensing Manager (520) 626-6969

Title: Genotyping of specific SNPs to stratify prostate cancer risk.


Invention: The technology are several SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers with high potential of clinical utility to identify patients that will develop locally advanced stages of prostate cancer.


Background: The worldwide elderly population is experiencing an increase in prostate cancer. For prostate cancer prognosis, PSA levels and biopsy are sometimes inconclusive, leaving doctors and patients a difficult decision on whether to do a prostatectomy or not. These SNP markers (related to microRNA splicing) identified by the inventing team will help them to make a more informative decision. 



  • Clinical prognosis markers to predict aggressive prostate cancer



  • Provides strong biomarkers to predict a patient’s risk on developing aggressive prostate cancer.
  • Aids in improving decision making for treatment options.


Licensing Manager: 

Lisa Lin

(520) 626-6969