Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis of a Wound Infection With a Smartphone

Technology #ua16-179

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Robin Sweeney
Graduate Student, Ag & Biosystem engineering
Jeong-Yeol Yoon
Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Managed By
Tod Mccauley

Title: Rapid and Non-Destructive Detection of Wound Infection


Invention: The technology utilizes a smartphone as a point of care diagnostic to identify species of bacteria in a wound via light scattering.


Background: The cost for chronic wound care, which is estimated to be $25 billion annually, is mainly due to improper selection of antibiotic treatment and the need to treat an infection quickly. The current method of diagnosing infections is a tissue biopsy and swab culture, a process that can take hours to complete and requires additional resources. In general, if a bacterial species is unknown, broad-spectrum antibiotics are used, which increases the risk of drug resistance.


  • Medical devices
  • Smart phone apps
  • Wound care companies



  • Rapid and accurate identification of bacterial species from a wound
  • A non-destructive and mobile medium
  • Potential to empower a patient to notify a physician and receive the correct treatment without waiting for lab results

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Tod McCauley


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