Ultra-High Sensitivity Rt-Pcr for Viral Genome Sequencing

Technology #ua16-197

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Michael Worobey
Department Head and Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Thomas Watts
Research Specialist, Senior, Ecology /Evolutionary Biology
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Enhanced RNA Amplification


Invention: The invention describes a way to increase the efficiency and performance of RNA amplification methods such that a product is always present in the final stage.


Background: Existing amplification methods usually involve several steps to obtain a chance of getting a desired product. This damages the efficacy of any tests used that involves the. The invention offers a guarantee to a product, making any test or diagnostic more precise.



  • Diagnostic Tool or Assay
  • Gene Therapy Development Tool



  • Guaranteed Product at the end of the cycle
  • Greater amplification than existing methods
  • In Vitro, no inherent risk to any subject


Licensing Manager:

Lewis Humphreys


(520) 626-1213